AISI/SAE 8620 Carbon Steel Bar
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Product overview

AISI/SAE 8620 Carbon Steel Bar Description

8620 alloy steel is a medium-carbon low-alloy steel with high hardness and dimensional stability, as well as high strength and plasticity. In addition, 8620 alloy steel also has good weldability, forgeability and processability, and is widely used in industrial fields such as manufacturing shaft parts, gears, carburized parts, crankshafts and machine tools. 8620 alloy steel is widely used in aviation, automobiles, machinery and other fields, especially in manufacturing high-load, high-strength and fatigue-resistant parts.

Product Parameters

Product NameAISI/SAE 8620 Carbon Steel Bar
Common Round Bar Specifications3.0-50.8 mm, Over 50.8-300mm
Flat Steel Common Specifications6.35x12.7mm, 6.35x25.4mm, 12.7x25.4mm
Hexagon Bar Common SpecificationsAF5.8mm-17mm
Square Bar Common SpecificationsAF2mm-14mm, AF6.35mm, 9.5mm, 12.7mm, 15.98mm, 19.0mm, 25.4mm
Length1-6meters, Size Accept Custom
Diameter(mm)Hot Rolling Round Bar25-600Cold Rolling Square Bar6-50.8
Hot Rolling Square Bar21-54Cold Rolling Hexagon Bar9.5-65
Cold Rolling Round bar6-101.6Forged Rebar200-1000
Surface ProcessBright, Polished, Black
Other ServicesMachining(cnc), Centerless Grinding(cg), Heat Treatment, Annealing, Pickling, Polishing, Rolling, Forging, Cutting, Bending, Small Machining, etc.


Chemical Composition



Mechanical Properties

GradeTensile Strength (Mpa)Yield Strength (Mpa)Elongation in 100-150 mm(%)Reduction in AreaHardness
SAE 8620≥ 380≥ 210≥ 25≥ 50≤ 111HB


Scope of Application

AISI 8620 can be used in a variety of medium strength applications, such as camshafts, fasteners, gears and chains/chain pins.

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